In the past, LASC was able to organise some much needed fundraising at live events. These funds would allow flexibility to provide extra resources or put aside monies, which were not allocated to specific projects. This unrestricted funding is very important and, in fact, crucial to allow a not-for-profit organisation to survive and become the important voice for the people it represents.

Coronavirus has had a detrimental effect on many organisations, but has especially been a challenge for charities around the country and the world.

We are inviting members and individuals (or organisations) who consider the work that LASC undertakes as hugely important to contemplate donating to the organisation by means of a one-off donation or a regular donation (e.g. yearly, quarterly or monthly).

There is the added bonus that our government provides us with the opportunity, through the Tax Rebate Scheme, to maximise all charitable donations over €250 in a given year (this is the equivalent of €21 per month). You can set here the amount that you want to donate and the periodicity.

If you are a taxpayer (PAYE or Self Assessed), under the Scheme of Tax Relief on Donations to Charities, LASC will be able to claim from Revenue the related tax relief on your donations amounting to an extra 31% if you contribute over €250 over the course of a year.

In order for LASC to receive the tax relief payment from Revenue, all that is required is for donors of €250 and above, to complete and sign this Enduring Certificate.

A detailed explanatory note on the tax relief scheme and the related documentation is available on the Revenue website.

Thank you for considering making a donation!


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