Bogotá, 10th May 2017


The Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia – CUT (Central Union of Workers Colombia) condemn the continued human rights violations in Colombia, that are happening despite the on-going negotiation process that is taking place in the country and the commitment assumed by the Colombian government to build peace.

In the last few months there has been an escalation of threats and assassinations of leaders and human rights defenders throughout the country. All of these men and women are known for defending the rights of Colombians and contributing, through their work, to building a just and peaceful society. It is this work, that has converted them into targets of those who promote war in Colombia.

On this occasion, we denounce threats made to Francisco Ramírez Cuellar, trade unionist and human rights defender of workers from the energy and mining sector.

We call on the government of President Juan Manuel Santos to fully investigate these threats, to bring those responsible to justice and to take the necessary steps to protect Francisco and his family.

We ask for support from national and international organisations and for them to join with us in condemning these acts and to call on the Colombian government to guarantee the security and safety of Francisco.


Luis Alejandro Pedraza                                                                       Fabio Arias Giraldo

President CUT                                                                         General Secretary CUT


Edgar Mojica Vanegas

Head of the Department of Human Rights and Solidarity CUT


This statement is supported by the following organizations:

  1. CUT Bogotá
  2. Unión Sindical Obrera (Workers’ Union for the Petroleum Industry)
  3. Federación Unitaria de Trabajadores Mineros, Energéticos, Metalúrgicos y Químicos, de las Industrias Extractivas, Transportadoras y similares de Colombia – Funtramiexco (Federation of Workers in the Energy, Mining, Metal, Chemical and Extractive Industries and Transporters in Colombia)
  4. Federación Nacional de Sindicatos de Trabajadores – Fenasintrap (Federation of Workers’ Unions in Public Undertakings)
  5. Sintradepartamento Antioquia
  6. Corporación Trabajadores por la Tierra (Association of Rural Workers)
  7. IndustriALL Colombia
  8. IndustriALL Unión
  9. Sintracarbon
  10. Asociacion para el Desarrollo Social e Integral Ecate (Association for Social and Integral Development)
  11. Movimiento Nacional de Victimas de Corporaciones Multinacionales (National Movement of Victims of Multinational Corporations)
  12. Observatorio de Expansión Minero-energética y re-existencias – OMER (Observatory of Expansion of Mining and Energy Projects and Re-existences)
  13. Asociación Paz con Dignidad – Association Peace with Dignity
  14. Latin American Solidarity Centre – LASC