Cine Forum is back, and we are starting with a Brazilian documentary that won the 2020 It’s All True Festival as the best documentary of 2020.

The screening will take place on the 18th of May, and we will have a debate with the Director, Diogenez Muniz and one of the movement’s founders and mentors, Markus Sokol.


Movie: Libelu – Down With The Dictatorship

Sinopsis: Freedom and Fight was a Trotskyist university group created in 1976. Pulsed by an international clandestine organisation, the student movement gained fame by claiming the catch-phrase “Down With the Dictatorship”. Its members were famous for their irreverence and cultural openness.

Between the years 1970 and 1980, Libelu became an adjective, synonym for radicality and, for opponents, political inconsequence. After four decades, where are they, and what do the young Trotskyists that went to the streets against the generals think nowadays?

Logline: In the 1970s, they were championing the fight against Brazil’s military dictatorship. Forty years later, what’s left of Libelu? What does adult life have in store for you after the revolutionary youth?

Production Crew:
Director and Screenwriter: Diógenes Muniz
Executive Producer: Letícia Friedrich
Director of Photography: Félix Lima
Editor: André Felipe
Director’s Assistant and Research: Bianka Vieira
Production and Photography’s Assistant : Ana Rovati
Sound Recorder: Eder Boldieri and André Silva
Executive Producers Assistants: Henrique Schuck and João Saldanha
Colorist: Guilherme Begué
Original Score: Samuel Ferrari and Tiago Jardim
Additional Score: Hilton Raw
Producers: Letícia Friedrich and Lourenço Sant’anna
Production and Distribution: Boulevard Filmes
Coproduction: Canal Brasil, Globo Filmes e Globo News

Diógenes Muniz, 34 years old, is a journalist and documentarist. “Libelu – Down With the Dictatorship”, awarded as the Best Picture at the 2020 International Documentary Film Festival – It’s All True, is his first documentary feature film.
He helped create TV Folha and directed the program Trip TV (Netflix and Band). He also produced audiovisual narratives for El País Brasil, Ponte Jornalismo, Mídia Ninja, Jornalistas Livres, among others.
He currently works as a director’s assistant at “Conversa com Bial” (Globo).

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