For students to visualise some images of Latin America and to talk about different aspects related to the region.


Pictures of Latin America (see images below or use these alternative alternative images: here)


Junior Cycle: Strand 1: Communicative Competence, Linked to LO 1.9, 1.10, 1.15

Senior Cycle: III. Cultural Awareness, 2, 3


Display pictures about Latin America and ask the students to choose one that reflect the vision they have of Latin America. If they know nothing about Latin America, ask them to choose one that interests them.

Once each of them has one, ask them to show it to the rest of the group and explain: what the picture is about and why they picked it.

From their responses, you can write on a flipchart what images the students have about Latin America (i.e. indigenous peoples, bright colours, music…)

NOTE: If the group is too big, they can discuss the pictures in pairs.


  • Ask students to describe the pictures in Spanish. You can talk about what there is in the photo (En la foto hay…), where things are (El niño está al lado de un río…)
  • If students level of Spanish is lower, you can ask them just to say one word in Spanish of what they are looking at (niño, casa, río, colores…).
  • The words to write on the flipchart can be written in Spanish or English.

Como ejemplo sobre qué decir, se les puede dar las siguientes ideas:

  • En la foto veo una montaña y un río
  • En la foto hay mucha gente bailando
  • En la foto hay un niño vendiendo en la calle

Una vez han descrito lo que ven, pueden explicar por qué han escogido la foto:

  • Porque me gusta / no me gusta
  • Porque la foto es bonita / fea
  • Porque sé/ no sé lo que es



From the pictures they have seen, ask students to show the ones that are similar to their life style, to Ireland and to Europe. What images could we use to reflect what Ireland is like?