America Latina: vida y lengua. Exploring Latin American realities in the Spanish classroom 

The Latin America Solidarity Centre aims to link Latin America and Ireland through Culture, Solidarity and Development Education. As part of our Development Education work, we have created this resource so that Spanish teachers can bring Latin American development issues into their classrooms and help students make connections between their realities and those of Latin America. 

LASC believes that education leads to action, and that only by understanding the root causes of global injustice we will be able to change them and build a better world. 

LASC shares  the belief that Development Education inspires global solidarity by supporting people to fully realise their rights, responsibilities and potential as global citizens in order to take meaningful action for a just and sustainable world. Our desire is that this resource will serves as a tool for working on these topics within the Spanish curriculum. 

America Latina: vida y lengua is a resource to be used in the Spanish subject in Secondary Schools, in particular in 5th year. The resource aims to bring Latin American Development Issues to students of Spanish to help them to understand the reality of countries where the language is spoken.  The resource presents a range of activities that can be used independently or as a part of a workshop. The methodologies used vary so that students can reinforce the different language competencies: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

How to use this tool

On this page you will find five sections that can be explored individually or as a whole. You can either pick one of the activities from each section or focus on two or three topics and explore them more in depth. In some of the sections there are additional videos that can be useful to holding discussions on these topics. 

You can find printable versions of the materials for each activity, including images that can either be projected or printed, by following the links.

Tools and resources:

Resource “America Latina: Vida y Lengua “

Our main resource is the one you can find on the link above. The following links are the topics included in our resource, where you can find different activities and material for your class.

    1. Introduction to Latin America
    2. ¡A Comer! Food in Latin America
    3. Water Issues in Latin America
    4. Women and Gender Issues in Latin America
    5. Indigenous Peoples in Latin America
    6. African Descendants in Latin America
    7. Environmental Issues in Latin America
    8. Empires and Colonies in Latin America

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