WELCOME TO OUR ONLINE RESOURCE LIBRARY! Here you will find the themes covered in our Vida y Lengua teaching resource as well as a few new additional themes.

By following the links in each section you will find a range of materials that can either be projected or printed for your class. You will also find audiovisual materials including videos that can be very useful teaching aids.

Objective: For students to familiarise themselves with the Latin American region and learn about the main issues affecting its people.

Objective: For students to learn about the globalisation of the food system and about how what they eat is linked to other people’s lives. They will learn about the concept of Food Sovereignty and the how the current food system affects Latin America.

Objective: For students to understand the value of water and become aware of the struggles for water in Latin America.

Objective: For students to reflect on what being a woman means in Latin America and the challenges women face, while highlighting the important role they pay in society.

Objective: For students to learn about the challenges that Latin American indigenous peoples face.

Objective: For students to learn about the effects of the trans-atlantic slave trade, and the legacy of African culture in Latin America today.

Objective: For students to learn about environmental problems in Latin America and how they relate to global warming and climate change, as well as about efforts by Latin American people to fight back against environmental destruction.

For students to gain a greater understanding of the historic power dynamics between countries in the Global North and Latin America and their modern-day effects.


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