At our last LASCWeds talk on Being LGBTI in Latin America, we had the privilege of listening to four excellent speakers: Jessica Tenorio, intersex activist; Lu Saborío, trans nonbinary artist; Rodrigo Souza from Brazilian Left Front; and Jim Loughran from Frontline Defenders. For those who couldn’t attend the talk, we wanted to share resources from the event (including videos of the talk!).


You can watch and listen to the speakers interventions on our Facebook page following those links : Part1Part2. 

Jim spoke on the killings of LGBTI people across Latin America, the absence of data that reflects the true scale of those killings and the different experiences of violence between different members of the LGBTI community.

Here you can find key figures and facts from Jim’s presentation:


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”DEFENDING LGBT RIGHTS IN THE AMERICAS”]



Lu Saborío is a trans nonbinary artist from Honduras. She spoke about the lived realities of LGBTQ+ people in Honduras and Central America in a time of fleeing danger.

Here you can find resources from that presentation:


[pdf-embedder url=”ío-LGBT.pdf” title=”Lu Saborío LGBT”]



Rodrigo spoke on the dangers of being LGBTI in Brazil, how this danger has worsened under Bolsonaro, as well as an analysis of Bolsonaro’s supporters’ discourse on LBGTI people. Rodrigo also shared his reflections on the root causes of discrimination of LGBTI people.


Jessica is a Brazilian intersex woman. She spoke about experiences of intersex people and on how violence against LGBTI people affects intersex people.

Here you can find interesting resources from Jessica’s presentation on being Intersex :


[pdf-embedder url=””]



Below you can find some more resources:


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