We vigorously denounce:

  • his numerous racist statements about Latin American people
  • the inhumane treatment of migrants from Latin America at US-Mexican border and increasingly violent enforcement of US borders
  • the separation of children from their families and the conditions in the detention centers that have led to several deaths among those children
  • his interventionist approach towards Latin American internal political affairs, including in Venezuela and in
  • his sexist, homophobic, transphobic and racist vision of society, his skepticism, and denial of climate breakdown


Published by The Irish Times  Jun 6, 2019 :

Protesters rally in Dublin against Trump visit

Thousands of protesters took part in a march through Dublin city centre, in opposition to US President Donald Trump, during his visit to Ireland.

From late Thursday afternoon a six-meter tall inflatable Trump baby blimp was raised over the Garden of Remembrance, the demonstration starting point.

The blimp is on loan from London, and protesters received permission to float the nappy-wearing Trump effigy in the city centre from the Irish Aviation Authority.

More than 40 campaign groups, political parties, and civil society organisations took part in the protest, co-ordinated under the “Stop Trump Ireland” umbrella.

The rain, which had threatened to lessen the turnout, held off as protesters gathered at 6pm at the Garden of Remembrance. Estimates of the total crowd numbers ranged from between 3,000 to 5,000.

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