The Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College Cork, and the Latin American Solidarity Centre, with the support of Irish Aid, cordially invite you to an online discussion on cultural work and precariousness.

The event will discuss the links between cultural work, migration and precariousness, both in Latin America and for Latinx migrant artists. Are Latino artists able to live from their art inside or outside of their countries? How does that affect their lives and creativity? Can creativity be exercised in precarious conditions? How have COVID19 affected artists? What are the main challenges facing art and artists today?

Join us to the talk with our three speakers:
– Johnny Batista is a Brazilian musician, graduated from the DCU jazz performance programme, and music teacher, writer and player for the last 12 years. He’ll talk about the challenges that non-white, working-class artists face to establish themselves and earn a living working with their art.
– Jorge Cabrera Gómez is a Venezuelan artist and researcher, linked to the University of Coimbra. He’ll speak with us about his artistic work in different countries and how to decolonize art.
– Ricardo Jovel, Salvadoran cultural manager and producer in both Central America and Chile, will talk about how neoliberalism has weakened the profession and the implications for culture and art that it has had in Chile.

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