The 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua (July 19, 1979) comes at a worrying time for that country.

An open letter to the Nicaraguan Ambassador on her recent visit to Ireland was signed by the 54 Irish people who were active in the Irish Nicaragua Support Group (INSG) in the 1980s and travelled to Nicaragua as part of ‘solidarity’ brigades. It expresses our concern at the current repression:

“We are among the hundreds of Irish people who have worked in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people, supporting the achievements of the Sandinista Revolution and resisting outside attempts to undermine them. Most of us have had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua to express this solidarity through practical work and to get to know the people and the popular movements which they have built.

“We wish to express our serious concern about the violent repression of unarmed civilian protesters in Nicaragua.

“Many of us in Ireland are in regular contact with Nicaraguan friends and community who are living in terror, afraid to leave their homes, are in hiding, or have had to flee the country in fear of persecution.

“We welcome the recent release of large numbers of political prisoners, but are aware that a further 89 prisoners have not yet been freed. Furthermore the cases against those who have been let out of jail have not been withdrawn. We are worried by the continuing repression and harassment of opponents of the government, including former political prisoners.

“We will continue to support the popular movements which uphold the spirit of the Sandinista Revolution and we will continue to oppose any threat by the US to the Nicaraguan people’s right to self-determination.

“We look forward to Nicaragua becoming again a beacon for people suffering from repression and struggling for change around the world, as it was in the 1980s.”


Signed by 54 members of the Irish Nicaragua Support Group

Latin America Solidarity Centre




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