On 12th of June we’ll have the opening of our Festival “Defending the territory, Defending the Earth”, that will take place throughout the month of June.

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For the Opening, we’ll start at 5 pm with a show in a miniature theatre format, from Teatro Esqueleto, which tells three stories and funeral customs of Chile, going through the north, centre and south of the country, followed by a talk with one of its members.

At 5:30 we’ll listen and chat with the director of the Emberá Chamí Philharmonic, the first indigenous philharmonic in Colombia, a project from Música para la paz, who will show us indigenous sounds while they spread their message and culture through orchestral music.

At 6:10 we will have with us the Guatemalan rapper, writer and activist Rebeca Lane, with whom we will talk about activism and defense of the land.

This event will provide interpretation Spanish>English.


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