Become a Member

LASC is a membership-based organisation. Members set the direction of the organisation through a Management Committee which is elected each year at a members’ Annual General Meeting.

 The Management Committee has overall responsibility for running the Centre and for setting policy.

As a member of LASC you:

  • Can be nominated to be elected as a member of LASC’s Committee.
  • Can nominate another member for election to the Committee.
  • Can vote for the election of members, for the introduction of policies, etc.
  • Can propose new policies.
  • Can take part in our subgroups (Research and Action Group or Events Group).
  • Borrow books and DVDs from our library.
  • Get discounts on some of our courses and workshops.
  • Get access to our weekly newsletter.

Your membership fees also provide a valuable source of independent income and it is a demonstration of support that boosts staff and volunteers’ morale.

Become a member for a year:

€10 – Waged
€5 – Unwaged
€1 – Asylum Seekers

If you would like to join, you can fill in this form and send it to

There are different payment options:

  • Sending a cheque to LASC: 400 North Circular Road, Dublin 7. Please also include your full name, address, email and telephone numbers.
  • Dropping by in our office.
  • Paying directly through PayPal.

Member Subscription