Support us

LASC has always worked on a shoestring budget, providing our services and campaigns with minimal funding – and the wonderful help of all our supporters. Nevertheless, the recession has hit us hard and this help is needed more than ever. Any donations at all are hugely appreciated, and are vital to continuing our work in solidarity with the people of Latin America.

LASC is launching an appeal to the general public to donate €5 per month. The aim is to get 100 people to respond. This will raise €6,000 per year and it will allow us to continue with our work in solidarity with popular struggles in Latin America. If you feel you can donate on a regular basis to LASC, a standing order is an ideal way to do this. This gives us an indication of future income with which to plan our activities.

You can click here to download our standing order form and send it to LASC office or donate any amount directly through PayPal.

Thank you.