WEBINAR – Impact of COVID19 on the local economies of Latin America: Challenges and Solutions

COVID-19 is a phenomenon that affects us globally, but also has a very concrete effect on local economies in Latin America. What challenges do different areas of the region face and what is being done to overcome them?

Our first speaker is Richard Intriago, from the Movimiento Nacional Campesino (National Peasant Movement) – FECAOL of Ecuador, who will talk about food sovereignty and the impacts of Covid19 on Campesino communities in Guayaquil.

Our second speaker is a member of the Colombian Red de Iniciativas Comunitarias (Network of Community Initiatives – ricoev.com), which have worked with several groups in La Sierra, a township in Chiriguaná that is part of the Cesar Mining Corridor, Colombia. They will talk about the reality that the communities in which RICO works are facing as a result of COVID-19 and what solidarity actions are being carried out.

Can Ireland and the rest of the world take an example? Is community action the solution to these challenges? What is our responsibility as citizens?

We will talk about all this and more in our webinar, sign up for free!

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David Wright