LASC and SumofUs hosted their first in-person and live-streamed event of the year with this LASC Wednesday webinar on Smurfit Kappa, an Irish multinational packaging and paper company whose operations in Colombia have had disastrous effects on the environment and local indigenous communities.

See the video here.

LASC is proud to be involved in this campaign to raise awareness about the Misak Peoples’ struggle against corporate abuse. Our aim is for the people of Ireland to know that while the Irish multinational Smurfit Kappa presents itself as a ‘Sustainable Eco Ally’, the brutal consequences of their occupation in the Cauca Valley are not only damaging the environment but also this Indigenous community’s way of life. The Misak people have been struggling and resisting corporate abuse for too long and it is our belief that the citizens of the world who aim to tackle inequality and social injustice should get involved with this struggle as well.

We need to keep supporting the fight to protect and recover the sacred land of the indigenous population in the Cauca. Sign the petition Smurfit Kappa: stop destroying Indigenous land in Colombia.

Also, you can read here the note of The Sunday Times about the conflict between Smurfit Kappa and the Colombian Indigenous groups.