On Brazilian Independence Day, LASC hosted a double screening for a diversified and attentive audience to talk about the earth, the environment and female protagonism fighting for the right to land and life in the planet. “Women’s wisdom and knowledge play an important role in protecting humanity and mother earth”, said a member of the audience during the roundtable after the exhibition.

Shirley Krenak, from Brazil, and Unci Angel, from the USA, visited LASC’s office before the movie to learn more about the work we do and our commitment to Latin America. The director of Kiva, Marjike Kodden, from the Netherlands.

First documentary, “Kiva” shared the essence and importance of authentic Kiva gatherings where the Indigenous Wisdom Keepers from around the Globe share their Ancient Knowledge in ceremonies that last a few days. For Kodden “we have to rethink our relationship with nature urgently!”. The ceremonies occured in Mexico, India, Netherlands and Germany.

“The mother of all struggles” tells about the worst ecological disaster on River Doce in Minas Gerais, when millions of tons of toxic sludge gushed from a collapsed iron mining waste dam 186 miles upstream from Pedra Corrida village. The disaster killed 19 people in the village of Bento Rodrigues, burying them in toxic mud, also affecting 39 municipalities across two states. The other woman portrayed in the movie is Maria Zelzuita, one of the survivors of the Eldorado dos Carajás Massacre Pará in 1996 which killed nineteen landless farmers who were squatting at a private ranch.

Shirley had the opportunity to address to the audience that there is a need for better knowledge about ecological crimes committed in Brazil, especially in her home state, Minas Gerais. “Brazil is not only the Amazonia. The world think that Brazil only has indigenous people in Amazonia. We need to change this view”, she said.

Unci Angel joined Shirley on the speech and told earth needs attention. “We are killing the planet, the water, the rivers. It is about time we act to save all of us”, she added.

Cine Forum is part of Lasc Weds, and we will be back in October after the Latin American Week.


Information Officer