Brazil is celebrating its 200 years of independence next Wednesday, 7th September, and LASC will host the screening of “The Mother of All Struggles” documentary followed by a roundtable with the indigenous activist Shirley Krenak at the Teacher’s Club (36 Parnell Square) at 7 pm.  

“The Mother of All Struggles” follows the paths of Shirley Krenak and Maria Zelzuita, women who are on the front line of the Brazilian struggle for land. Shirley has the mission of honouring the women and the wisdom of the Krenak warriors from the region of Minas Gerais, and Maria Zelzuita is one of the survivors of the Eldorado dos Carajás Massacre Pará in 1996 which led to the killing of nineteen landless farmers who were squatting at a private ranch.

From the Krenak people in Minas Gerais/Brazil, Shirley “learned early in life about the importance of preserving the traditional ways of being that constantly challenge our Western logic and projects of a nation” she said. Trained in Social Communication, Krenak is a key personality in the current land struggles and environmental issues in Brazil.  She currently coordinates the “Shirley Krenak Institute”, which develops various activities in the environmental, educational, social, and cultural areas. She authored the book “The protective Jaguar”.

For human rights and land activists, the 7th September is the date chosen by former colonial powers for the inauguration of Brazil as an “independent nation”. On the bicentennial of this arrangement, the main question remains: 200 years of independence for whom?

LASC is honoured to welcome Shirley Krenak for a roundtable to reflect on a several questions: What project of a nation has been pursued throughout history, and especially now in Brazil? Who has this project served? the struggles for independence ended with the September 1822 proclamation? How have resistance and different ways of existing in the world have endure and offered alternatives to the permanent state of devastation? 

📆 7 September
⏰ 7 pm
📍 Teachers Club (36 Parnel Square)
Brazilian Independence day: 200 years of independence for whom?

There is no charge to take part in the LASC Wednesday Series, but feel free to come and donate if you can. 

Information Officer