Dear member,

Save the date to attend our Annual General Meeting, to be held on Thursday the 7th of
April 2022 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm via Zoom (through this link ).

On the agenda for the meeting will be the nomination and election of the Management
Committee for 2022: the vacancies are for committee members, one for a treasurer and
the last one for secretary. If you want to participate in the meeting and apply for any
vacant positions, you must be a member of LASC. You can join us by clicking here and
donating an annual fee of only 10 euros. If you are interested in applying to any of the
vacancies, fill out this form, and we will be in touch with you soon. We want to
encourage all our members to participate in the meeting and to form part of our

Committee Members (one of which is a secretary role) – commitment of approximately 8 hours per month.

Primary Role:

 Attend monthly meetings (1h30) 
 Attend by-monthly one on one meetings with the coordinator, to provide information and feedback to the coordinator, 
 Approve new projects, 
 Approve and contribute to the strategic plan of the organisation
 Contribute ideas for events and projects, such as themes, speakers and partnerships, e.g. events for Latin America Week or LASC’s Wednesdays Serie.

Ideal profile for the role:

 You have a real interest in the issues affecting Latin America today and for international solidarity.
 You have experiences and connections which will enrich the work of LASC, and help us to create new partnerships, participate in research projects and help to identify and secure funding opportunities e.g. you are part of an activist group that is related to the missions of LASC, or you have experience in the domain of NGOs in Ireland, or you work in academia in a domain related to the missions of LASC.

Treasurer – commitment of approximately 10 hours per month

Primary role:

 Attend monthly meetings (1h30)
 Approve new projects
 Contribute to the strategic planning of the organisation
 Supporting the administrative office
 Organizing the budget and accounts, accounting for every expenditure.
 Supporting the administrative officer by organizing the budget and accounts.

Ideal Profile for the role:

 Good knowledge of the NGO system in Ireland, not necessarily an accountant.

We will also be discussing LASC’s plans for the coming year, including collectively brainstorming ideas for how our annual Latin America Week and Latin American Cultural Festival events will look. 
All paid-up members will have a vote at the meeting and are invited to attend. 
The agenda for the AGM will include: 

  1. Review of previous AGM minutes
  2. Consideration of the annual accounts. 
  3. Consideration of the annual report on LASC’s projects and
    activities; reconsideration of current funding and projects.
  4. Plans for 2022 – Latin America Week and Latin American Cultural Festival.
  5. The election and re-election of Executive Members.
  6. Questions and feedback from Members.

Information Officer