What we do

LASC conducts a wide array of events and activities that look to build closer ties between the people of Ireland and Latin America. If you, like all of us, are interested in Latin America and are looking to develop this interest, our many events are a great place to start. Make sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook, and here on the website for details on upcoming events in your area.

Solidarity Campaigns

Our many campaigns are a way for us and our supporters in Ireland to make real impacts in the lives of the people of Latin America. LASC actively campaigns on a wide array of issues affecting millions of people throughout Latin America. Central to this activism is the concept of solidarity. Our work is not one-sided, but rather a mutual exchange of support, cooperation, and understanding. We recognise that we all stand to benefit from creating a fairer, more equal world, and strive to achieve this in everything we do.

Latin America Week

Latin America Week (LAW) is a range of conferences, meetings, workshops and cultural events around Ireland, focusing on different issues each year in April. During LAW, LASC presents an annual programme of educational, cultural and campaigning events on issues relating to human, social and economic rights in Latin America. The overall aim of LAW is to concentrate the attention of the public on Latin America for one week, highlighting the issues of justice at stake in the region and enabling campaigning and solidarity actions between Ireland and Latin America.​

Development Education

Understanding the issues others face is a fundamental step in fighting injustice, and LASC’s education work is no less vital. Through our education initiatives, we are able to raise awareness of these issues, connect with a growing audience of interested individuals, and build links between communities in Ireland and Latin America. Most importantly, our education work allows us to motivate and encourage people in Ireland to become agents of positive social change themselves. We believe that education is a service we can provide to anyone and everyone who is interested. Because of this, we conduct our education work in a variety of settings, to a variety of audiences. Between schools, universities, adult learners, and community groups, we have reached a large and diverse audience. Some of our most successful initiatives are our Spanish and Portuguese classes, our development issues course, and particularly our #LASCWeds talks, held on the last Wednesday of every month. Each of these events have always involved knowledgeable and engaging teachers and speakers. And with lively debates and questions flying, audience participation is definitely encouraged! LASC´s Development Education activities are supported by Irish Aid and Worldwise Global Schools.

LASC’s development education activities in Secondary Schools are supported by WorldWise Global Schools, an initiative of Irish Aid.

Cultural Events

Latin America’s rich culture is something that attracts many of us to the region. LASC holds many cultural exchange events that celebrate and share Latin American music, films, dance, food, and festivals throughout Ireland. From our annual Latin American Film Festival to our Cinco de Mayo celebrations, we truly offer something for everyone. At LASC, we believe that these events are an entertaining and important way to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the lives and struggles of the Latin American people.