Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected by LASC’s members at the AGM every year. Committee members provide guidance and practical support to staff on the day to day running of the organization and the projects, as well as being responsible for strategic, financial and governance oversight of the organization.

Current members are:

Brian Hearne

Brian Hearne is a Senior Policy and Communication Officer at the Irish Council for International Students. He has worked and volunteered in a number of NGOs in Ireland and Argentina, and has extensive experience working in advocacy and migrant rights. Brian holds several qualifications including a Masters in International Development and Diploma in Immigration & Asylum Law.

Andrea Martinez

Andrea Martinez (treasurer from April 2022) holds a PhD in Philosophy (Migration), currently working as Research Officer for City Education Group. She has volunteered in grassroots organisations in Mexico, Canada and Ireland particularly focusing on the Zapatista uprising and autonomy. 

Fernanda Otero

Fernanda Otero. Journalist, interpreter/translator and activist held a Master’s in Communication and Journalism. In Ireland since 2016, she was one of the founders of “Dublin pela Esquerda” which lately become BLF, promoting various activities in partnership with LASC since 2017. As a founder and board member of FIBRA (International Brazilian Front Against the Coup), she helped organise and mentored the first FIBRA International Meeting in 2017; and the second International Meeting in Amsterdam, in 2019, in Berlin. As a member of the Worker’s Party in Brazil, she worked in the Federal Parliament and the Parliament of São Paulo.

Aisling Walsh

Aisling Walsh – has 7+ years working with international development organisations including the UN and INGOs in Ireland, Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia and Timor Leste. She holds an LLM in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights from the Irish Centre for Human Rights and is an IRC Doctoral Scholar with the School of Sociology and Political Science at NUI Galway, holding the Andrew Grene Postgraduate Scholarship in Conflict Resolution.

Clíona Maher

Clíona Maher is Latin America Coordinator for UCC since 2015. She has worked in educational and cultural international cooperation for Universidad Veracruzana (UV) and international NGOs engaging in Mexico for over 25 years. Her research interests include social responsibility, community engagement, migration, sustainable development and internationalisation in higher education and how they can play a role in promoting global citizenship and Agenda 2030 on a local, regional and global level.

Maria José Hidalgo

Maria José Hidalgo Product Design Engineer and colombian activist passionate about service design, sustainabiliy, social innovation and how disruptive thinking can create and transform experiences to people. Holds a MSc in Innovation and technology Management. Her professional experience includes working with the NGOs, financial, insurance, technology and manufacturing sectors. She has collaborative worked with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams

Rebeca Sandoval

Rebeca Sandoval is an activist for social causes in her country, Honduras; She studied marketing and business, freelancer in graphic and audiovisual design, currently works as a volunteer and committee member at Latin America Solidarity Center (LASC).