About LASC

LASC (Latin America Solidarity Centre) is a membership-based organisation. We are individuals who share a passion for real social change in Latin America and Ireland, and we believe that peace with justice and equality for all can come only through genuine participation of everyone in society’s decision making.

From its foundation, LASC has challenged the many social, environmental, and economic issues facing Latin America, always working in solidarity and cooperation with the people affected.

Our Vision and Mission

LASC believes in a Latin America and an Ireland based on equality, social justice and an equal realisation of cultural, social, political, civil and economic rights for all human beings. LASC’s mission is to expose and challenge the current injustices in Latin America and in Ireland, through public awareness raising, development education, information exchanges and campaigns in solidarity with the people of Latin America who are resisting oppression and are struggling to create a fair and inclusive society.

Our History

LASC was founded in 1996 by individuals and solidarity groups interested in the promotion of Latin American solidarity and culture in Ireland. Over the years, LASC has grown from a small, niche organisation into Ireland’s foremost connection with Latin America’s diverse social movements. Some of our proudest moments include our work on the Coca Cola boycott, collaborating with a wide array of civil society organisations to combat injustice in the banana trade, and of course, our annual Latin America Week festivities. As we enter our third decade of operations, LASC is eager to continue its campaigns in these areas, and to keep expanding our work in solidarity with the people of Latin America in the future.

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