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Food Sovereignty


Food Security and Food Sovereignty: An abundance of Food but Not Enough to Eat




What are the consequences of the Food Crisis in Latin America?

What caused the Food Crisis?

What is understood by Food Security and Food Sovereignty?

Food Security in Ireland

Food Prices and Ireland

Understanding of our links with developing world through food

Empowering the Irish Consumer

Creating Food Sovereignty: Understanding the local

Creating Food Sovereignty: Understanding the global


Documents & Resources


Revista 'Soberanía alimentaria, biodiversidad y culturas'

¿Por qué es las Soberanía Alimentaria una alternativa?

Food Sovereignty presentation. Power Point

Declaration of Nyéléni. Global movement for food sovereignty

European food declaration

LASC Food Sovereignty Magazine 2010

Agriculture and Food in Crisis. An Overview. Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar

Integrated solutions to the Climate, Water and Food Crises. Heinrich Boll Stiftung 

Food Speculation; the main factor of the price bubble in 2008. Weed

The impact of biofuels in Latin America. Friends of the Earth International. 

Sin Maíz no hay país (No corn no country). Latin America Week 2009. Presentation by Bety Cariño. Powert Point



Related information


Productive Revolution in Venezuela

The rise of Food Fascism: Agrobusiness and the Attempted coup in Bolivia in 2008 

Denuncian a multinacionales europeas ante el Parlamento Europeo en Bruselas

Investing in poor farming is profitable

Agrofuels and the EU Research Budget: public funding for private interests

Sin maíz no hay país (no corn no country) Mexico (in Spanish)

Controlling Our Food: The World According To Monsanto

Documentary about "Future of Food"/ "El Futuro de la Comida" (in Spanish)

Documentary about ECOFONDO Food Sovereignty Campaign/ "Soberania Alimentaria" (in Spanish)


Local Contacts


Dublin Community Growers' Website

Finglas community garden blogspot

Carraig Dúlra Permaculture and Organic Farm



Alternative Local Agricultural Projects

Here you can find some information about:


- interesting local food growing initiatives: Ballybane Organic Community Garden, Galway

- Community supported agriculture: Soil Association See Join us;


Here also a piece on RTE radio about community supported agriculture (under title Home Grown: Cloughjordan Community Farm, Co. Tipperary)



Other Campaigns

Visit this website Tescopoly to learn about the evils of large food retailers.




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