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Irish Media Coverage of Repression in Nicaragua and Irish Solidarity

In April 2018 a wave of protest sparked by planned pension reforms initiated by the government of Nicaragua, led by President Daniel Ortega, met with a brutal state crackdown that left many peaceful protesters injured, dead or arrested. The repression of civil society forced many left-wing and feminist activists into exile.

LASC, as an organization that came out of the Irish Nicaragua Solidarity Group, a group that was itself founded by former volunteers on Solidarity Brigades to Nicaragua in the 80s, stands in solidarity with our comrades in Nicaragua and has raised our voice in opposition to this latest swing towards authoritarianism by a government that many of us had once supported.

Since October 2018, this solidarity has taken the form of a campaign – including political advocacy, media coverage, public talks, and cultural solidarity events – run by LASC members and staff. Those involved in leading the campaign are former Irish Solidarity Brigade volunteers to Nicaragua, and the Nicaraguan community here in Ireland, including refugees from Nicaragua who have recently arrived in Ireland after fleeing the state repression in their own country – all determined to show our friends and comrades in Nicaragua that the long-standing solidarity links between Ireland and Nicaragua remain firm, and that Ireland continues to stand with the people of Nicaragua against state repression, no matter whether that repression comes from Somoza or Ortega.


‘I’ve been working since I was 19. I’m not used to receiving handouts’

“At the end of the day, when you think about what’s happening to millions of Nicaraguans, we’re very lucky.”“I sat down on the stairs and just started to cry,” remembers Nuñez. “I was in complete shock. They had killed seven or eight young students in the university that day. People were posting on socialmedia to get the students out. It was like watching a horror movie in real time. What must it have been like for those students sitting in the basement, waiting to be assassinated?


Dublin, Ireland Event Commemorates: “One year of Resistance in Nicaragua”

On Saturday 13 April the Latin American Solidarity Centre in Dublin hosted an event titled “Poetry, Song and Struggle: One year of Resistance in Nicaragua”.  It was a cultural and information event to mark the resistance to the Ortega/Murillo regime and to honour the bravery of those continuing to protest in spite of state oppression


Donal O’Kelly on 30 years of ‘Bat The Father Rabbit The Son’

“Thirty years later the Nicaraguan people are again facing a threat as the former Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega tightens his grip on power. The opposition is disparate, more than 40 organisations united in the aim of ending his rule. Since April up to 500 people have been killed, many by Ortega’s so-called “volunteer policemen” – government-backed paramilitaries. Thousands have fled.”


Opinion: Irish people travelled to Nicaragua in solidarity in the 1980s – now it needs our help again

“The Nicaraguan people continue to struggle for democracy, justice and fairness– only this time against a surprising enemy. They deserve our solidarity today just as they did in the past.”


LASC On Nicaragua: Revolution and Repression.


Kinvara Declaration in Solidarity with Nicaragua – February 16th 2019

We are a group of poets, musicians, artists and activists who gathered in the village of Kinvara in County Galway in the West of Ireland on February 16th 2019 to express our solidarity with the Nicaraguan people who are experiencing severe repression under the government of Daniel Ortega and his wife the Vice President Rosario Murillo. We have invited others who share our concern for Nicaragua to join us in this declaration. Kinvara is the first town in the world to collectively join the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement which seeks to take non-violent action to highlight and oppose the human rights abuses and occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. For us, Kinvara is now a place we see as linked irrevocably with justice and awareness of international human rights abuses and so it is a fitting place that this declaration of solidarity with Nicaraguan activists should come from.


Open Letter on Nicaragua to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

LASC Statement: Nicaragua in Crisis