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Latin America Week 2019 – Women Defending the Earth from Destructive Mining

This year, LASC’s annual Latin America Week (LAW) was focused on Gender and Extractive Industries. Between April 6th and 13th we hosted a series of talks in Dublin, Cork and Galway to explore how extractive industries impact on women in Latin America, and links back to Ireland. We also hosted an event titled “Poetry, Song […]

Blog: Zapatista Proposal for Indigenous Woman Presidential Candidate – From the Archives

By Liam Bradshaw   As we grit our teeth through anger, frustration, or just sheer ennui, waiting for the farcical debacle that is the US presidential election to end, a proposal has emerged from Mexico that might just breathe a bit of life into electoral processes. October marked the twentieth anniversary of the National Indigenous […]

Blog: 20 Years of LASC

By Jean Somers Ireland and Latin America: Deep roots While LASC is marking its 20th anniversary this year, links between Ireland and Latin America have a much longer history, some dating back 200 years to the Latin American wars of independence. A recent conference, “Irish-Latin American Solidarity in the Context of the 1916 Rising” organised […]

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