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Latest Articles

English Language Students’ Statement of Demands

This statement was published for sign-on on May 24th. As of 9pm on May 27th, 4,246 students have signed the statement. It is still gathering signatures; we will update this page over the coming days.   These are the demands of students affected by the closure of English Language schools during the Covid-19 Pandemic in […]

WEBINAR, Thursday May 14 – Impacts of COVID19 on the local economies of Latin America: Challenges and Solutions

WEBINAR – Impact of COVID19 on the local economies of Latin America: Challenges and Solutions COVID-19 is a phenomenon that affects us globally, but also has a very concrete effect on local economies in Latin America. What challenges do different areas of the region face and what is being done to overcome them? Our first […]

#Bolivia – Chronicle of an Exile Foretold

One of the major flash points in terms of COVID-19 in Latin America has been with migrants trying to cross borders to return home. Bolivian migrant workers trying to return home from Chile have been stuck in the highlands border region in dire humanitarian conditions and facing criminalisation and persecution from the transitional government. Here […]

LADI Course 2020 Info & Enrollment

-THE NEW BEGINNING DATE OF THE COURSE IS NEXT TUESDAY, 28TH OF JAN-    LASC is so pleased to announce one more year the Latin America Development Issues Course   This is a lively and participative course open to people with any kind of interest in Latin America. The course gives participants insight into the […]

Farewell LASC Interns

After interning here at LASC, I am sad to say goodbye to this organization. Working with the wonderful people here has made my experience in Ireland unforgettable. Learning more about Latin America through current events and the movie reviews I wrote opened my eyes to cultures I had not been previously exposed to. While working […]

Irish Media Coverage of Repression in Nicaragua and Irish Solidarity

In April 2018 a wave of protest sparked by planned pension reforms initiated by the government of Nicaragua, led by President Daniel Ortega, met with a brutal state crackdown that left many peaceful protesters injured, dead or arrested. The repression of civil society forced many left-wing and feminist activists into exile. LASC, as an organization […]

LASC Letter to the Editor: Continuing support for Sandinista Revolution

The 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua (July 19, 1979) comes at a worrying time for that country. An open letter to the Nicaraguan Ambassador on her recent visit to Ireland was signed by the 54 Irish people who were active in the Irish Nicaragua Support Group (INSG) in the 1980s and travelled […]

Even the Rain

The film chosen this week was ‘Even the Rain’, directed by Icíar Bollaín. Taking place in the mountains of Bolivia, this film follows a movie crew making a historical film about the oppression of Christopher Columbus. They employ the local residents to play the indigenous people, which poses a problem because they are in the […]

Maria Full of Grace

The film chosen for this week was “Maria Full of Grace”, directed by Joshua Marston. Set in Columbia, this film follows a young girl named Maria who gets pregnant and results in becoming a drug mule to help her earn money. Maria worked in a factory in a small town outside of Bogota, helping provide […]

Cerrejón Mine: Record of advocacy in Ireland

The following is a list of parliamentary questions and other advocacy actions on the Irish importation of coal from the Cerrejón mine in La Guajira, Colombia, in chronological order: September 17, 2018 NGO letter to Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment, September 17, 2018 September 20, 2018 Response from  Joint Committee on Communications, Climate […]

City of God

The film chosen for this week is “City of God’, directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lundelles. Based on a true story, this movie follows the paths of two boys named Rocket and José “Zé” Pequeno. Rocket, an aspiring young photographer, who tries to avoid a life of crime and drugs. While Zé does whatever […]

LASC joining the Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects Project

LASC is very happy to join the Irish Global Solidarity In 100 Objects Project in collaboration with and the Irish Development Education Association.    What is the project? Throughout 2019, and IDEA (Irish Development Education Association) are launching a project to gather 100 objects relating to previous global solidarity and Development Education campaigns […]


The film chosen for this week was “No”, directed by Pablo Larraín starring Gael Garcia Bernal. Set in 1988, this film follows the referendum called by Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet that allowed the people to vote either “yes”, to have him stay in power for another eight years, or “no”, to have his term come to […]

LASC Stands in Solidarity with Save Our Sperrins and Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu

LASC vigorously denounces death threats received by Save Our Sperrins Protectors and stands in solidarity with them. Two months ago, during Latin America Week 2019, we held a public talk in Dublin entitled “Women Defending the Earth from Destructive Mining”. We are horrified to inform that, among the panel we had the chance to listen […]

Honduras in Revolt

  In June 2009 center-left Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was removed from power in a military coup widely seen as being backed by the US. Ten years later, in June 2019, a massive street revolt against the continued rule of right-wing  Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH) shakes the small Central American nation. Neither event has had […]

Latin America Solidarity Centre firmly opposes Trump’s visit to Ireland.

We vigorously denounce: his numerous racist statements about Latin American people the inhumane treatment of migrants from Latin America at US-Mexican border and increasingly violent enforcement of US borders the separation of children from their families and the conditions in the detention centers that have led to several deaths among those children his interventionist approach […]

Latin America Week 2019 – Women Defending the Earth from Destructive Mining

This year, LASC’s annual Latin America Week (LAW) was focused on Gender and Extractive Industries. Between April 6th and 13th we hosted a series of talks in Dublin, Cork and Galway to explore how extractive industries impact on women in Latin America, and links back to Ireland. We also hosted an event titled “Poetry, Song […]

Indigenous Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Chiapas, Mexico

According to Mexican government figures, some 15 million of its citizens, more than 12% of the population, are indigenous. Although Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), called on the Spanish state to apologise for its treatment of the indigenous during the period of conquest and colonisation, indigenous peoples still suffer discrimination and marginalisation […]


Sally O’Neill Sanchez was an Irish woman and long-time Trócaire aid worker who spent over 40 years in Latin America. On Sunday 7th of March, she, along with her travelling companions Ana Paula Hernández of the Fund for Global Human Rights, and Ana Velásquez of the Consejo del Pueblo Occidente, and Daniel Tuc, their driver, […]

Solidaridad Con La Minga

  Since March 12 in Colombia, there has been a very strong mobilization in the Cauca region (echoed in other parts of the country) driven by indigenous and social organizations: the Minga. Minga is an ancient indigenous tradition of community or collective work for social utility purposes. The Indigenous people of Cauca have applied the […]

Latin America Week 2019 Programme

This year, LASC’s annual Latin America Week (LAW) will be focused on Gender and Extractive Industries. Between April 6th and 13th we will host a series of talks in Dublin, Cork and Galway to explore how extractive industries impact on women in Latin America. Our Latin America Week keynote speaker is Jakeline Romero Epiayu, from […]

Irish media coverage of Cerrejón mine campaign

  Blood coal: Ireland’s dirty secret, October 25th 2018, in The Guardian   “The connections between County Clare, Ireland and La Guajira, Colombia may not be entirely obvious at first glance. Yet the regions are linked through a shared commodity: coal. Extracted in one region and burned in the other. Coal extraction in La Guajira has […]

Job Opportunities: Coordinator

  LASC is seeking a Coordinator (part-time)   Preamble: LASC (Latin America Solidarity Centre) is a membership-based organisation. We are individuals who share a passion for real social change in Latin America and Ireland, and we believe that peace with justice and equality for all can come only through genuine participation of everyone in society’s decision […]

Resources from LASCWeds talk on ‘Being LGBTI in Latin America’

  At our last LASCWeds talk on Being LGBTI in Latin America, we had the privilege of listening to four excellent speakers: Jessica Tenorio, intersex activist; Lu Saborío, trans nonbinary artist; Rodrigo Souza from Brazilian Left Front; and Jim Loughran from Frontline Defenders. For those who couldn’t attend the talk, we wanted to share resources […]

Mujeres dignas y visibles: Informative podcasts for Latin American women living in Ireland

[Español abajo] We’re delighted to launch our Spanish-language podcast series in collaboration with Radio Latina en Dublin, ‘Mujeres Dignas y Visibles’. The series is aimed at Latin American migrant women in Ireland, with information on accessing visas, worker’s rights, access to healthcare and more. The podcasts will go out on the air on Near FM […]

Kinvara Declaration in Solidarity with Nicaragua – February 16th 2019

Kinvara Declaration in Solidarity with Nicaragua – February 16th 2019 On February 16th 2019, a Poetry Festival-in-Exile was held in Kinvara as a gesture of solidarity with the left-wing and feminist organizations facing oppression in Nicaragua. The following declaration came as a result of that gathering of artists and activists. [En Español abajo — In […]

Press release: Activists in Ireland manifest support for Colombian legal action launched against ESB coal supplier Cerrejón

23rd February 2019 -For immediate release- Human rights and environmental activists in Ireland publically manifested their support of a Colombian legal action against the Cerrejón coal mine, who supplies the ESB. In a photocall outside the headquarters of the mine’s sales company, Coal Marketing Company, in Dublin, the activists sent messages of support to indigenous […]

News From The Front

With an ever increasing number of homophobic attacks in Guatemala, Eimhin O’Reilly speaks to one of the people at the front line in the battle against bigotry. This article is republished from GCN.

Briefing – The Irish connection to the Cerrejón coal mine

This page is designed to give the reader an overview of the background to Ireland’s complicity in human rights abuses in Colombia surrounding the notorious Cerrejón coal mine. Ireland’s semi-state electricity company, the ESB, purchases Cerrejón coal for energy production in its Moneypoint power plant. Furthermore, Cerrejón’s sales branch, the Coal Marketing Company (CMC), has […]

Open Letter on Nicaragua to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

  Dear Minister Coveney, We, the undersigned, people who have lived and worked in Nicaragua, and others motivated by the recent tragic events, condemn the violent repression of unarmed civilian protesters by the Ortega-Murillo government. This wave of repression began in April 2018 when a large demonstration took place to protest against an increase in […]

Blog: Elections in Brazil: The Fight is Just Beginning

Today Brazil goes to the polls, choosing between the Workers’ Party’s Fernando Haddad and the neo-fascist Jair Bolsonaro in one of the most divisive and violent campaigns in recent memory.

Latin America in the Spanish Classroom

On Friday, LASC were down at the Teachers Club in Dublin City Centre, leading a workshop on how to introduce Latin American developmental issues into secondary school Spanish classrooms.

LASC Statement: Nicaragua in Crisis

Statement in English (Spanish translation below): LASC, as an organisation with a mission to expose injustice in Ireland and Latin America and to stand in solidarity with the people of Latin America who are resisting oppression and are struggling to create a fair and inclusive society, shares the concerns of many of our members in […]

Essay: Indigenous rights and representation in the Constitution, and reality, of the Bolivian government

An Overview of the Concepts of Living Well and Interculturality in the Bolivian State.

Women Human Rights and Environmental Defenders

Did you miss Latinx – Irish Fiesta? Take a look of LASC exhibition on Women Human Rights and Environmental Defenders here, in our web site.          

Opportunity: Communications Officer Role through CE Scheme

  The Latin America Solidarity Centre is a social justice organisation with a focus on development and human rights issues in Latin America. We run educational and cultural events, development education courses, and some campaigns, mostly in Dublin.  As a small organisation with a tight budget, we’re looking for staff through the CE Scheme.  This role would suit someone who wants […]

Report: The Brutal LGBT+ Murder Epidemic In Latin America

Over the past two decades Latin America has taken the lead in legislative rights for LGBTs, yet there are more killings of LGBT+ people throughout Latin America than there are in the 12 countries and territories in Africa and Asia, where homosexuality is punishable by death. As the 270th LGBT+ murder so far this year […]

Fundraising needs voices, LASC needs you!

We are delighted to invite you to our fundraising event which will take place on Friday 14th September in Jigsaw. There will be live music, a DJ and dancing, some refreshments, an exhibition on women human rights and environmental defenders, and a stall with information about LASC. Who are we? The Latin America Solidarity Centre […]

Earth Matters: Gustavo Castro

During our Latin American Week 2018, LASC’s friend Lynda Sullivan interviewed Mexican environmental campaigner Gustavo Castro, Coordinator of Friends of the Earth Mexico and founder of Otros Mundos. Castro spoke about the consequences of Free Trade Agreements and international investments in Latin America, such as water and energy privatization, and the impacts on indigenous and […]

Guest Blog: Dirty Water, Endless Thirst

The threats and impacts of mining, from Peru to Northern Ireland.

On the streets we teach how to defend our lands and our rights in Honduras

  Spanish-language interview with our Latin America Week speaker Karina Flores at Radio Latina en Dublin. Click here to listen to the interview.  

Podcast: Like father like son: The Veron family and the Guarani Kaiowa struggle

            LASC radio show featuring an interview with Latin America Week 2017 speaker Ládio Veron discussing his family’s struggles to access the ancestral lands of the indigenous Guarani-Kaiowa.   Click here to listen to the podcast.

Latin Ireland: Near FM Podcast

        LASC’s radio show focuses on the Latin American community in Ireland. Interviewees discuss their experiences of settling in Ireland and address some stereotypes. Supported by Irish Aid. Click here to listen.

Blog: Brazil’s Black Genocide

With over 60,000 homicides a year, Brazil is facing a crisis that overwhelmingly impacts poor, young, black men.

Blog: Marielle Presente!

The response to a politician’s murder may be a turning point in finding a way out of Rio’s crisis. Republished with permission from Americas Quarterly.

Blog: No More: Ni Una Menos and the Fight against Machismo

In honour of International Women’s Day, LASC looks at one of the most dynamic social movements in Latin America today – NiUnaMenos – and the culture of machismo it is fighting against.

News: LASC is Looking for an Administrator! (CE Scheme)

Office Administrator Applicants should have an interest in Latin American solidarity issues and some experience of office administration / finance.

Blog: Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Lula Conviction and the Unravelling of Brazilian Democracy

Partisan judges, a lack of evidence, and a right-wing government on the offensive: the ingredients of Lula’s recent trial highlight a worrying undemocratic trend in Brazil.

News: LASC Radio Interview on Honduran Election

On 31st December 2017, LASC Coordinator Chris O’Connell spoke to Near FM’s Global Solidarity programme on the escalation of post-election violence and police brutality in Honduras.

Blog: Insult to Injury

The 2009 conviction of Alberto Fujimori, Peru’s autocratic former president, on multiple counts of crimes against humanity was widely seen as a major blow against impunity in the embattled country. Now, nearly nine years later, shady dealings in the Peruvian Congress threaten to completely subvert the course of justice.

Blog: Venezuela Behind the Headlines

The coverage of Venezuela’s ongoing crisis often tells a single story of repression and despair. However, looking beyond the headlines to the reality on the ground reveals a much more complex reality.

News: Timeline of events in Honduras

  LASC is extremely concerned by the escalating violence in Honduras since elections were held on 26th November 2017, and particularly condemns the use of violence against peaceful protesters and the many irregularities that marred this election.

Blog: Out of the Fields and into the Streets

In Ecuador, organisations like FECAOL are standing at the frontlines of a battle between peasant communities and multinational agribusinesses.

News: Stop Human Rights Violations in Honduras!

    Click here to sign our petition.   Please join our call to the Honduran Ambassador in London to stop the attacks on civilians protesting against the conduct of the state during last week’s presidential elections. The Honduran Government has imposed a state of national emergency, restricting basic civil rights, authorising the use of […]

Blog: After the Quake

Eimhin O’Reilly For the 21 million capitalinos living in Greater Mexico City, earthquakes are nothing new. In fact, when a devastating temblor rocked the city one month ago, people all over the country had just finished their annual, state-mandated evacuation drills – a relic of the massive, 8.0 earthquake that claimed the lives of 10,000 […]

Blog: Colombia Faces Challenge to Build Peace, Without Sacrificing its Famed Biodiversity

Colombia Faces Challenge to Build Peace, Without Sacrificing its Famed Biodiversity Ondrej Prosicky / shutterstock By Jane Feeney   Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, as measured by species richness. But over the past half century it has also been home to a brutal civil war, inflicting death and displacement on its […]

Blog: Joining the Dots – From the Archives

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the Ayotzinapa disappearances, LASC is republishing this piece by Liam Bradshaw, who has spent the last six years in the southern state of Chiapas, working closely with local community groups. By Liam Bradshaw “The horror has a name and its name is Ayotzinapa.’ (SCI Galeano) On September […]

Blog: By the Wayside

By Eimhin O’Reilly Throughout May, indigenous protestors armed with spears, bows and arrows rallied against planned legislation put forward by Michel Temer’s interim conservative government to strip the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) of the power to determine indigenous territories. In the streets of Brasília, protesters faced the tear gas and rubber bullets of Brasília’s riot police. The […]

News: End the Relationship Between Dundalk F.C. and Fyffes and Protect Workers’ Rights!

Click here to sign our petition.   Fyffes, Dundalk Football Club’s principal sponsor, has been at the centre of several shocking scandals involving labour rights violations, suppression of trade unions and abuse of workers in Honduras and Costa Rica. A 2015 report by the US Department of Labor detailed a litany of exploitative practices, ongoing labour […]

News: Call for Observers for the Aty Guasu

Ládio Veron, our speaker at this year’s Latin America Week events, has called for observers to come to Mato Grosso do Sul, to help support the Guarani-Kaiowá in their struggle for land rights.  CALL FOR OBSERVERS FOR THE ATY GUASU AUG 26 – AUG 31,  2017 TAKUARA, STATE OF MATO GROSSO DO SUL, BRAZIL   […]

Blog: Race to the Bottom

By Eimhin O’Reilly On the surface, it sounds like a simple question, the kind of question you might hear in a pub quiz with an answer you will forget soon after hearing: “What is the southernmost town in the world?” Yet this is a question with no clear answer; in fact, the search for a […]

Blog: Building Bridges (and Escalators) – How Colombia is Re-Inventing the City (Part 2)

By Eimhin O’Reilly A bright red cable car floats delicately in the air, steadily climbing the slopes of an Andean valley. It sweeps past three immense black boulders perched on the hillside, housing a state-of-the art library and surrounded by verdant parkland. In the city below, children and adults alike play in the Zen-inspired Barefoot Park. […]

News: Solidarity with Francisco Ramirez Cuellar

Trade union activist and lawyer Francisco Ramírez cuellar needs protection.

Blog: Ladio Veron’s journey through Europe denouncing the suffering of the Guarani-Kaiowá indigenous community

By Chris O’Connell and Thais Mantovani Ladio Veron is chief of the Takuara community, leader of the ATY GUAÇU – general assembly of the Guarani-Kaiowá – and the spokesman of the Guarani-Kaiowá on this journey on European soil. He is a history professor, graduated from the Federal University of the Great Dourados, but he lives […]

Blog: Carrot and Stick – How Colombia is Re-Inventing the City (Part 1)

By Eimhin O’Reilly   While Colombia’s place in the headlines in recent months has been dominated by the halting efforts towards a definitive end to their lengthy civil war, behind the scenes the country has been undergoing a quiet renaissance. Slowly but surely, its cities have been reclaiming a sense of national pride that seemed […]

News: Message from President Michael D. Higgins

On the occasion of  LASC 20th Anniversary, President Michael D. Higgins has sent us a message congratulating LASC for our work.  

Mi encuentro

News: 17th Irish Latin American Film Festival 2017 / Féile Scannán Mheiriceá Laidineach 2017

Ceiliúrann Féile Scannán Mheiriceá Laidineach an ilchríoch an athuair trí scannáin, trí ghearrthóga agus trí scannáin faisnéise. Taispeánfar iad seo i mBaile Átha Cliath agus rachaidh siad ar camchuairt ina dhiaidh sin go Biorra.  Eagraítear an Fhéile i nGaeilge, teanga dúchais na hÉireann. I gcomhthéacs an éitis sin, aithnítear teangacha na mbundúchasach i gCríocha Mheiriceá. […]

La Madre Buena

News: Féile Scannán Mheiriceá Laidineach 2017

Ceiliúrann Féile Scannán Mheiriceá Laidineach an ilchríoch an athuair trí scannáin, trí ghearrthóga agus trí scannáin faisnéise. Taispeánfar iad seo i mBaile Átha Cliath agus rachaidh siad ar camchuairt ina dhiaidh sin go Biorra. Eagraítear an Fhéile i nGaeilge, teanga dúchais na hÉireann. I gcomhthéacs an éitis sin, aithnítear teangacha na mbundúchasach i gCríocha Mheiriceá. […]

Blog: Make Argentina Great Again

By Eimhin O’Reilly   A heavily-manicured real estate mogul uses the financial and political clout gained by his father to run for president. During his campaign, he lets accusations of corruption fly at the opposing party (with undercurrents of misogyny) and scapegoats immigrants for a variety of problems. All this in spite of overwhelming evidence […]

News: LASC Produces Radio Programme: The Irish-Latin American Connection

Together with Dublin’s NearFM, LASC has produced a series of radio programmes exploring the deep links connecting Ireland with Latin America. The series is still ongoing, and can be listened to online, or on the radio at 90.3FM. In the meantime, you can catch up on past episodes on the NearFM podcast page here. The […]

Blog: And the Óscar goes to…

By Eimhin O’Reilly   As Hollywood once again finds itself enthralled by the glitz and glamour of the awards season, protests are strangely absent. For those of you who recall the #OscarsSoWhite campaign, which (rightfully) objected to the treatment of African-Americans in cinema in previous years, this may come as a surprise. But with sleeper […]

News: LASC Launches a New Website

After many months of hard work, we are very happy to announce that our new and improved website is finally online! Part of our new communications strategy, this website has sought to integrate the work put into our previous site in a more concise, readable, and polished design. Please take a look around and check out […]

Blog: 20 Years of LASC

By Jean Somers Ireland and Latin America: Deep roots While LASC is marking its 20th anniversary this year, links between Ireland and Latin America have a much longer history, some dating back 200 years to the Latin American wars of independence. A recent conference, “Irish-Latin American Solidarity in the Context of the 1916 Rising” organised […]

Blog: Zapatista Proposal for Indigenous Woman Presidential Candidate – From the Archives

By Liam Bradshaw   As we grit our teeth through anger, frustration, or just sheer ennui, waiting for the farcical debacle that is the US presidential election to end, a proposal has emerged from Mexico that might just breathe a bit of life into electoral processes. October marked the twentieth anniversary of the National Indigenous […]

News: LASC Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Since 1996, LASC has been working in solidarity with Latin American social movements and strengthening the links between Ireland and Latin America. Looking back over 2016, LASC’s 20th Anniversary, we celebrate two decades of outreach and activism. We commemorate the campaigns we have supported from this side of the world, while remembering all the brave people who have […]