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#LASCWeds Talk: Human Rights Lawyers in Colombia: The work of Colombia Caravan, by Mary Henderson

Sr. Embajador Giampaolo Carmelo Rizzo Alvarado,

Honduran Ambassador to the UN


Your Excellency,


As a collective organised in solidarity with the people of Latin America, we the members of the Latin America Solidarity Centre in Ireland wish to express our shock and sadness at the murder of Ms. Berta Cáceres on March 3rd, 2016.


Ms. Cáceres was well-known in Ireland as a prominent defender of human and environmental rights, having worked with organisations such as Trocaire and Front Line Defenders. We understand that this crime took place even though Ms. Cáceres was under police protection at the time of her murder.

We at LASC believe that this event cannot be separated from the overall climate of violence and impunity that continues to exist in Honduras. This horrific incident, however, is a stark reminder of the risks of intimidation and violence faced by women, indigenous people, and human rights defenders in Honduras on a daily basis.

Talk: Contradictions of Sustainable Development: Brazil's New Left and Amazonian Environmental Governance

LASC and UNIVED present this talk by Eve Bratman, from the American University, and will focus on the case study of the Belo Monte dam project, and will look at various energy and land use issues facing the Brazilian Amazon region.

Free entry but registration is recommended as there are limited places.

Please book your place at

Tuesday 16th February @7pm

The talk will take place in Comhlamh, 12 Parliament Street.



#LASCWeds Talk: Mining Conflicts in Cajamarca (Peru), by Lynda Sullivan


In the northern highlands of Peru, in a region known as Cajamarca, indigenous-campesino communities are struggling to protect their land and their water supply from destruction. A multinational mining corporation, backed up by the World Bank, wants to turn the mountain lakes, the source of water for tens of thousands of subsistence farmers, into immense open pits. This would be the biggest extractive project that Latin America has ever seen.

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Bolivar, the great liberator, Talking History Podcast

Dr. Barry Cannon, lecturer in Politics in Maynooth University and LASC member, participated in the radio programme Talking History " Bolivar, the great liberator".

You can hear the programme here:

#LASCWeds Talk: Migration and Human Trafficking: The Case of Trafficking of Children in Mexico, by Diana Correa


Research on Trafficking in Persons in Mexico is only a few decades old, and most of it has been focused  on sexual exploitation of women. In an effort to add to the knowledge on the subject, current researchers have taken interest in trafficking with different purposes other than sexual exploitation particularly forced labour, as well as working with other groups for example children. The talk will provide a brief explanation on what trafficking is, an overview of the general situation of Mexico and will then focus on children both mexican nationals and migrant.